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Yosimar Rodriguez Riggs

Well i think one of my strenghts in my work enviroment, is my ability to enact as a bridge between people with diferent points of view, as you can see in the model, there are some bodies without heads, linked by a colorful bridge, that is my strength, and my x factor is my ability, to learn fast, and apply that knowledged, that is represented by the 3 heads over the bridge. that is why, i want to help my people to be better.

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One of my strengths is communication (represented by the colour blue in my staircase) and my ability to express my message clearly and also to help my clients articulate their goals. My client is there at the top of the staircase and I’m cheering them on. My practice is to walk alongside people but make sure they are leading so they can find their own strengths and solutions. My X factor is represented by the stack of coloured transparent blocks. I bring a really diverse set of skills to my coaching and share this with clients – anything from management,… Read more »

My strengths is the ability to look at a problem from multiple sides (the pieces sticking out of each side. My x-factor is the to deal with everyday issues with humor (the whimsical, I hope, animal head).

My strength is the diverse experience I’ve gained over the years, represented by the varied blocks at different angles. Diverse work with a huge variety of organizations has given me the ability to draw on a very deep set of lessons learned (and mistakes made). When I come through the door to work with a new organization, I’m building on this widespread (that can appear a bit random) base. My x-factor is the ability to draw those experiences together quickly (my fast little red car) and apply those lessons to a new organization so we can move forward together at… Read more »
MY Wan
Not as detailed as most others, but my strength to work is being able to see beyond the high bureaucratic barriers in organisations and see the long-term developments / vision of the firm. In addition, I am able to develop a ‘guiding light’ for other staff who can avoid the challenges I faced; by testing all the various ‘traps’ before them. One special thing about me is that people often feel that I can easily overcome most challenges, but I had my fair share of challenges and ladders to climb before I accomplish what’s visible to most; which explains the… Read more »
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